Browser Extension – Official

Our customized browser expansion will probably increase your gameplay experience guaranteed! 100% credits to Terjanq. If You’d like a more up to date version, please see Terjanq Website.


[ESC] Key For Show Menu
[X] Key For Auto Cartoon (on/off)
[Z] Key For Auto Spawn (on/off)
[C] Key For 4:3 Ascent (v 3.0)
[V] Key For dark Issue (v3.0)
Auto Nick-name Save
Zoom in-out Mousewheel (v3.5)
Mini map, mini map zoom in/out (v 3.5)
[1-8] Keys To Get Upgrade Stats
[Alter + 14] Key For Upgrade tank

You want to delete additional mods for usage that mod!

Install Tampermonkey

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