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How to be 1st in leaderboard

1- You need to select 2 side attacker at level 15-16

2- You need to select 4 side attacker at level 30-32

3- There will be 6 side attacker at level 45 select it.

Here how it looks level 30-32 , 4side attacker

This assaulting help you level up simple and get an inordinate quantity of score together with multilateral attacking.

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Diep.io Upgrades
Inch. Health Regen — Reduce the volume of health you merely regenerate. You just restore health after consuming not get busted for a while.
2. Max Health — bettering your highest health, so it is possible to take further strikes.
3. Human anatomy injury — Increases the damage dealt when you delve right into an enemy or obstruction with your entire body.
4. Bullet Rate — escalates the speed where your bullets fly.
5. Bullet Penetration — Reduce the number of weapons, barriers, and enemies that your shots may pass through at a time.
6. Bullet Damage — Reduce the amount of damage each bullet does.
7. Reload — hastens your shooting speed.
8. Movement Speed — Increases just how quickly you go.

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