Diep.io Tanks, Classes, Skins, Features, Upgrades, Levels Diepio

Numbers and Features

XX: Basic tank, first begin

Machine gun | 1: Minigun Mode, You flame too much. (1-5 Amount)
Machine gun+ | 1A: It is the bigger minigun. It flames huge chunks (30 Amount)
Destroyer | 1B: This really can be destroyer, and you also will kill men with a single take (30 Amount)

Sniper | 2: Normal Sniper Attacker. You also receive zoom. (1-5 Amount)
Assassin | 2 B: Larger sniper, it flames chunks that are bigger. (30 Amount)
Overseer | 2A: Triangle Attacker, Triangles accompany with your mouse plus it attacks there (30 Amount)
Overlord | 2A+: More Triangles, More Profession (4 5 Amount)
Necromancer | 2A++ it strike using yellow squares. Work-like Overlord (4 5 Amount)

Flank Shield 3: 2-way shooter. You may safeguard your spine readily. (1-5 Amount)
Three Flank 3C: 1 front, two cross way attack. (30 Amount)
Dual Flank 3A-1: double two flat manner attack. (30 Amount)
Four Flank 3A-2: Four cross-country attack. (30 Amount)
Octotank 3A+: Six cross-country attack. (4 5 Amount)
Triple Twin 3B: 6 shooters. Three dual shooters symmetrically divided among the tank. (4 5 Amount)

Twin 4: 2 front way attack. You assault stronger (1-5 Amount)
Triplet Shot 4B: 3 cross way attack. (30 Amount)
Triplet 4A: 3 leading way attack. (4 5 Amount)
Pentashot 4B+: Just Like hair but that is an awesome attack. (4 5 Amount)


Diep.io up Grades

1. Wellbeing Regen — Increases the total amount of health which you simply regenerate. You simply regenerate health afterward have not gotten hit for some moment; point.
2. Max Health — Enhancing your maximum health insurance and this means you can take more strikes.
3. Human body degeneration — Increases the damage dealt with if you ram to an enemy or obstacle with all the complete human body.
4. Bullet Rate — progress that the speed in which your bullets fly.
5. Bullet Penetration — Increases the number of bullets, barriers, and enemies that your bullets could maneuver through at a minute.
6. Bullet injury — Increases the amount of harm every bullet.
7. Re-load — accelerates your shooting speed.
8. Movement Rate — Increases how fast you are gone.

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