Diep.io Updates – Features, Tanks,Upgrades, Levels

Amounts and Features

XX: Basic tank, first start

Machine-gun | inch: minigun Mode, You fire a whole lot. (1-5 Amount)
Machine-gun+ | 1A: It is a bigger miniature gun. It flame enormous balls (30 Amount)
Destroyer | 1B: This Is destroyer and also you will kill men with a single shot (30 Amount)
Gunner | 1C: 4 small shots. It looks triplet. However, It’s four suggestion and also Small balls (30 Grade)

Sniper | two: Normal Sniper Attacker. You also get the zoom. (1-5 Amount)
Assassin | 2 B: Larger sniper, it flame balls that are bigger. (30 Amount)
Stalker | 2 B+: It looks like Assassin. However, it’s undetectable attribute. (4 5 Amount)
Hunter| 2 C: Dual sniper shots, Like much shotgun. (30 Amount)
Overseer | 2A: Triangle Attacker, Triangles accompany your mouse plus it attacks there (30-degree)
Overlord | 2A+: Longer Triangles, More Profession (4 5 Amount)
Necromancer | 2A++ it strike using yellow squares. Work-like Over-lord (4 5 Amount)

Flank Shield 3: two-way shooter. You can safeguard your back readily. (1-5 Amount)
Triangle 3C: 1 front, two cross-country attack. (30 Amount)
Double Flank 3A-1: double two-degree mode attack. (30 Amount)
Quad-Tank 3A-2: Four cross-country attack. (30 Amount)
Octotank 3A+: Six cross-country attack. (4 5 Amount)
Triple Twin 3B: 6 shooters. Three dual shooters symmetrically divided one of the tanks. (4 5 Amount)

Twin 4: two first fashion attack. You attack more powerful (1-5 Amount)
Triple Shot 4B: 3 cross-border fashion attack. (30 Amount)
Triplet 4A: 3 leading manner attack. (4 5 Amount)
Pentashot 4B+: Just like hair but that is the awesome attack. (4 5 Amount)

Diep.io up Grades
1. Health Regen — Reduce the degree of health you merely regenerate. You just restore health after never have gotten stuck for some time.
2. Max Health — Increases your highest health so that you can take further strikes.
3. Body Damage — Reduce the damage dealt when you drifted directly in an obstruction or enemy with the body.
4. Bullet Rate — Increases the rate where your bullets fly.
5. Bullet Penetration — Reduce the number of shots, obstacles, and enemies your weapons can pass through at the same time.
6. Bullet Damage — Reduce the degree of damage each bullet.
7. Reload — Increases your firing rate.
8. Movement Speed — hastens just how fast you move.

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